Caspian Holding

Caspian Engineering Consulting Company has been officially operating in the field of training, consulting and technical and engineering services since 2010.

The company in the field of consulting and implementation of international standards, preparation of Business plan, strategic management projects and organizational excellence, supply chain management projects, outsourcing, contractor evaluation, facilities and raw materials, preparation of plans and implementation of industrial and service buildings, and Holding training courses related to the above at various industrial and academic levels on behalf of reputable international companies cooperates with applicants and investors.

The research and operational core of the company has grown rapidly with the use of up-to-date systems based on up-to-date knowledge and correct information management, with the aim of achieving the highest performance coefficient. .

Our History

The initial idea of ​​establishing a holding company started when we found that many training courses held in the country are far from the labor market and practically do not work for students, and also in case of dissatisfaction with the quality of education or even giving up attendance. During the course, students and learners will witness the loss of their time and money.

The management core of Caspian Educational Holding, with the cooperation of experienced instructors in many specialized and general fields, tries to provide standard and guaranteed and decent education for its students and companions, and guarantees the return of money in case of dissatisfaction with the course, a clear certificate And Kiev is this claim.


Caspian Engineering Consulting Company


Commencement of consulting activities


Start of educational activities


Starting educational cooperation with academic scientific organizations


Start of cooperation with Besharate-Elm Institute and start of Caspian Holding


Addition of educational institutions to Caspian Holding


Holding courses in cooperation with foreign universities


Holding the first international online course by Caspian Holding